Candidates for the Ideal Bug-Out Truck

by Stacey Thompson

In a previous piece I wrote, I enumerated a few possible alternative bug-out locations that could be utilized in case of an emergency situation. I realized that among them, the repurposed truck is probably one of the most ideal of the lot, given that the combination of mobility, hardiness against harsh weather and terrain conditions, and capacity make it the best overall.

If money was no object, there wouldn’t be much to worry about in creating your mobile survival truck, but unless you’re one of the few excessively wealthy individuals in the world, this is more of a pipe dream than a viable solution. One must make the effort to find affordable yet fully functional vehicles to convert into a veritable prepper mobile fortress, and this is the aim of my little piece.

Why Light Trucks May Not Make the Cut

First of all, let’s isolate an entire category of trucks out of the possible bug-out live-in vehicles due to (Read more....)


Survival 101 – Places I’d Scavenge for Radio and Communications Materials

When I say “apocalypse”, please don’t misunderstand. I actually meant any kind of destructive force,whether it’s man-made or made by the wrath of Mother Nature. If one day, a nuclear holocaust or a super typhoon almost successfully destroy your home town or city, then you will need to do everything you can to survive. If you happen to live near an area where buildings and establishments are dependent on computers and all sorts of high-tech communications equipment, then consider yourself lucky. If you and your group are low on food and water, building your own communications center is a must. You can gather parts and put them together until you’ve successfully built a radio control device and you can call for help. However, what about those who live in the rural areas? Where exactly do you find such parts?

Actually, this isn’t much of an issue anymore. Most data centers and communication centers nowadays

prefer to build their presence in the rural areas. They know for a fact that competition is strong enough in the urban scene, so they usually build and (Read more....)


Alternative Ideas for Bug-Out Locations

By Stacey Thompson

Whether you are a dedicated prepper/survivalist or not, it’s actually a good idea to have a secondary refuge apart from your present abode. If anything happens to your present residence, you have somewhere to go. You can let a friend or family member stay there if you don’t have the room. At the least, you have a personal asylum where you can get away from your regular routine.

There are the more conventional refuges that preppers and non-preppers have such as log houses, RVs, boats, and the like. I’d like to suggest a few other possible bug-out locations that you could consider. Take note that some setup and assembly may be required of some of them, but I’m not going to offer solutions that will break the bank.

Trucks or Buses

Trucks and buses are very feasible bug-out locations, mainly because they are mobile. Some second-hand trucks and buses are even more affordable than RVs, and can be repurposed to become living quarters.

Don’t just buy any truck you see rotting in somebody’s backyard; have a mechanic handy to inspect the vehicle and determine if they’re still in (Read more....)


Advice To Survivalists- Consider Relocating to Canada,Part IV: The Regions

Authored By J Vanne.

The Maritime Provinces – Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia

The maritime provinces – Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – are generally regarded as a region that has chronic unemployment , and in one sense, is almost “the land that time forgot,”  in that much of the economic development that has gone on in Canada moved west for various reasons.  However, where there are issues like this, there may be opportunity for you. This article will explore those possible opportunities.


If you consider this province, first attend the Newfoundland 101 class: the province may be pronounced by an emphasis on either the first or last syllable – never the middle one.  Newfoundland joined Canada only in 1949, after some brief toying with the possibility of joining the US. One key economic item is the Hibernia oil field off the coast, which is a plus for economic stability, but generally Newfoundland is a (Read more....)


Numerous Benefits Of A Steel Building

Guest Post- Abbas Hussain

Steel buildings are rapidly becoming the favoured construction type for the present residential, industrial, institutional, commercial and agricultural markets. The market for steel construction is progressively growing at a fast pace. And, it comes as no surprise since; steel offers a huge number of benefits to the building purchasers. By being economical, functional, flexible, energy proficient, environmentally friendly and healthy; steel buildings offer buyers a comfort level which cannot be paralleled by any other construction methods.

Photo Credit- Amsterdam, The Netherlands -Throughout the city and its outskirts one can find numerous colorful, space-efficient complexes of affordable and luxury apartments constructed of modified

Here are the numerous benefits of a steel building:


Steel buildings are safe since they help to protect the occupants from hurricanes, wind, torrential rains and tornadoes. They are also resistant to earthquakes and there are no (Read more....)


Bringing America To Its Knees With An EMP Attack

***The following is a guest post for Survival by Alisha Venetis, the co-founder of*** About five years ago, my husband and I were in the investigative stages of having a stand-by generator installed on our home. I called a company that sold one of the more popular brands and asked if the generators would still work in the case of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. The salesman was unaware of what that was, but said he would look into it and call me back. A few days later he called back with a strange tone in his voice, wondering why I had asked this question in the first place. I explained that I have been studying the Middle East and was preparing for different types of disasters (natural and man made) and I believed an EMP attack was a real possibility.

I quickly understood why the generator salesman was acting so concerned. He explained to me that a few days ago they had received an updated warranty from the generator manufacturer, and in it, for the first time, was a (Read more....)