Emergency situations are not something anyone wishes to experience. Nonetheless, it pays to be prepared. When a disaster such as an earthquake, hailstorm, arsons, military invasions or zombie attacks come calling, you may never have ample time to determine what are the most important supplies to take with you as you flee the scene.

And the fact that such disasters normally strike without warning makes it even more difficult to pack the right supplies to see you through the days following the disaster.

This is where a bug-out bag comes in. Also known as a BOB, battle box, 72-hour kit, go bag or INCH bag, a bug-out bag is a bag where you would pack all the essential items required to survive in a disaster situation. Most of these bags are designed to hold items that can last you 72 hours, hence the word 72-hour kit. But just how useful are bug-out bags? Read on to find out.

Why You Need a Bug-out Bag

It Makes You Appreciate The Inevitability Of Disasters

Man made disasters

As we have already mentioned, emergency situations have a way of hitting us hard. And one of the ways they do that is through their element of surprise. If you knew there would be an earthquake tomorrow and were better prepared for it, you would be better placed to handle the situation when it eventually happens.

According to Technical-Response Planning, when it comes to disaster
management, preparedness is key. This is the first important role played by bug-out bags – being that constant reminder that a disaster could strike you anytime.

The mere fact of owning a bug-out bag will make you appreciate the vanity of life and its peaceful times. Though you need not live in eternal fear of the unknown, it is imperative to remember that any moment, a situation beyond our control might happen.

The bag will be that constant reminder of life’s inevitabilities. Whenever you walk into your room and see the bag lying on the shelf or hanging on the wall, you will always remember you got it for a special purpose…for when things will be beyond your control.

Just by owning the bag, you will be able to live your life with a more profound awareness of your existence. You will appreciate the good times but with full cognizance of the fact that there might be a time when your resilience may be called to question.

The Bag Allows You To Stock Supplies Necessary When Bugging Out


When a disaster strikes, there are but two ways to respond. You can either bug in [stay put in your house or other place where the disaster finds you] or bug out [flee the disaster hotspot for a safer shelter]. Whichever way you choose to respond, you evidently need supplies to keep you alive.

A bug-out bag is a resourceful tool in terms of helping you stock all the supplies you will need for the duration of the emergency. From foods to help you replenish any lost calories, to clothing to change, medical supplies and even arms that you may use to defend yourself against any assaults outdoors.

Modern bug-out bags are designed with different compartments based on the nature of the supply you wish to take with you. You can have compartments for food supplies, medical supplies, communications gadgets, arms for self-defense, etc.

When disaster strikes, many people normally only think about food, forgetting the fact that while bugging out, you are consequently exposing yourself to the vagaries of the weather and the possibility of further attacks.

This is why you need medical supplies to keep you strong and free from diseases. More importantly, arms will help you ward off attackers that may be threats to your meager food supplies. Ultimately, you need a bug-out bag to hold all these different kinds of supplies.

Stocking Up Of Critical Documents


We have discussed food, medical and other supplies you would need to stock up in a bug-out bag. However, that is not there is to its usefulness. According to USA Today, when disaster happens, we may be lucky enough to save our lives, but not too lucky with our crucial documents.

Imagine having your credit cards, national identity cards, passports, and driver’s licenses washed down the stream in the wake of a flood. Due to the bureaucratic procedures that characterize our systems, recovering such document may be a time-consuming affair.

And as you try to get the documents renewed, you could lose big time; in terms of being unable to access your funds, treatment or even discharge your official duties or travel. If you are not so lucky, someone may get their hands on your crucial documents and take advantage of them.

Thankfully, a bug-out bag was designed with such predicaments in mind. You can safely throw in such documents and be rest assured that when normalcy resumes, you will be able to get back on your feet much easier.

The best part is that you can always have these critical documents kept inside your bug-out bag. This way, you wouldn’t have to rummage through heaps of stuff when disaster strikes, but will immediately grab your bag and run out to safety.


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