How to Prepare for Floods- Part 1

by Stacey Thompson

Even if you’re not the most informed person around, it is very hard to avoid the news (and more unfortunately, experience) regarding the prevalence of floods all over the world. This is allegedly part and parcel of global warming, in which the higher global temperatures are affecting even the polar ice caps and our weather patterns.

I am not here to argue the causes and the solutions to this alarming environmental trend of global warming, but I do wish to share something about flood preparedness. If you happen to be living just a few kilometers away from a body of water, you should be very concerned about this. Even if you aren’t close to a body of water, strong precipitous weather patterns can also cause flooding just about anywhere on the Earth.

Vigilance against natural disasters and manmade threats are usually pegged as the domain of the “preppers” and survivalists, but I am telling you that everybody should be prepared for these unexpected disasters and emergencies. Focusing back on the flood scenario, I have noted a few important preparatory procedures (Read more....)


How To Prepare For Disaster – A Survival Guide For Your Family Part 2

Prepare 1rainwater-harvesting-tankOne of the keys to surviving any disaster or emergency situation is to ensure that you and your loved ones have an adequate supply of clean drinking water.  It is said that the average person needs at least a gallon of clean water per day.  The truth is that we all need water not only for drinking but also for food preparation and sanitation.
So, if you and your family are in an emergency situation for a week without being able to leave your home, you will need at least 28 gallons of water for a 4 person family.  Also, do not forget about the family pet.  Spottie will need a drink too! 
So what can you do to prepare for an adequate water supply in the event of a disaster or emergency?

Here are some ideas…..

 1)  Get A High Quality Water Filter
This is a good idea even in normal times.  The truth is that our tap water is full of stuff you don’t even want to know about.  However, things can get even worse in an emergency situation.

Having a water filtering system for your home (Read more....)


Clean Water Is Critical For Survival – But Is The World Running Out Of It?

SASA2One of the things that you and your family will not be able to survive any disaster or emergency without for long is water.  You are your family may be able to last weeks without food, but without drinking water you will only last a matter of days.

Once upon a time it was believed that humanity would always have an almost endless supply of fresh, clean water. Those days are gone. For the first time ever, ecologists are using the term “peak ecological water” to describe the approaching reality that the world is rapidly running out of clean fresh water.

While other environmental issues get the headlines, the danger of the world’s looming water crisis is severely under reported by the world’s media.

According to Dr. Peter Gleick, the president of the Pacific Institute, this crisis is one that people need to start paying attention to quickly: “Is there such a thing as ‘peak water’? There is a vast amount of water on the planet—but we are facing a crisis of running out of sustainably managed (Read more....)