11 Things That You Will Need For Survival When Disaster Or Emergency Strikes

DISASTER_by_a4ateeq2Most Americans honestly do not know how to survive if they suddenly couldn’t run down to Wal-Mart and fill up their shopping carts. The truth is that we live during times when a disaster or an emergency could strike at any time.  It is important to be prepared, and nobody is going to prepare for you.

The following is a list of 11 key items that you will want to make sure that you and your family have in case you are faced with an emergency situation…..

#1) Storable Food

Most Americans cannot conceive of a world where you can’t just run out to McDonald’s or to the supermarket and get all the food you want. However, if you are trapped in your home during an emergency for an extended period of time, you and your family are going to need food. Even if you plan to grow food you better have a substantial amount of storable food put away.

#2) Clean Water

Most people could make it for a number of weeks without food, but without water you will die in a matter of days. You and your family are going to need clean water. Is there an abundant supply of water near your home? Will you be able to boil water if you need to? Without clean water you just are not going to survive for long.

#3) Shelter

What would you do if you lost your home or you were forced from your home? You and your family will need a warm place to sleep. Make sure you aren’t just relying on the power company to keep your home warm in the winter. If you need firewood, start chopping now. In addition, always make sure you have a backup plan if you have to leave where you are at. Do you have family you can move in with if necessary? Do you have a tent that you could set up in the woods?

#4) Warm Clothing

This is especially important if you live in a colder climate. You are your family need to prepare as if you would not be able to depend on the power company. Store up clothing as if you would have to make it without heat if necessary. Always make sure to have plenty of blankets as well. Already there have been recent news stories this winter of people freezing to death inside their own homes after having their heat turned off. Don’t let that be you.

#5) Communication

This is especially important if you live in an isolated area. Always have a way to communicate with the outside world. Whether it is an emergency cell phone or something else, if you are able to call an ambulance in a timely manner it might save your life. Also, you are going to want a way to be in contact with your family and close friends. It is those who are willing to work together that will have the best chance of making it.

#6) Lighters Or Matches

There may come a day when you need to start a fire in order to cook food or to boil water or to stay warm. When that day comes, do you really want to try rubbing sticks together to start a fire? Of course not. Now is the time to put away a supply of lighters or matches so that you will be prepared when you really need them.

#7) Comfortable Shoes

This is an item that not a lot of people think of when it comes to survival. But what if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you are not able to use your car? What if you find yourself out in the wilderness far from the nearest town?  Especially if you are headed out to a wilderness area, make certain to have some shoes on hand that will be comfortable.

#8) Flashlight And Plenty Of Extra Batteries

Just think about what happens when the power goes out now. What quickly becomes one of the most important items? A flashlight. Without a flashlight, you won’t be able to do much of anything after the sun goes down. Also, make sure you have plenty of extra batteries, because in a prolonged crisis your flashlight will be of little help without batteries.

#9) A Battery-Powered Radio

In a crisis situation, you will want to know what is going on in the world around you. A battery-powered radio can be a great source of information. You can even get a wind-up radio in some stores that doesn’t require batteries at all. Now, you can certainly survive without a radio, but you are your family will feel much better if you have some way of keeping track of what is going on out there.

#10) A Swiss Army Knife

If you have ever owned one you probably already know how incredibly handy they can be.  In a disaster or emergency situation, a Swiss Army knife can be a very valuable and versatile tool.

#11) Sanitation Supplies And A First Aid Kit

What would you do without toilet paper? What if you had to go without soap or shampoo for several days? You get the idea. Things can get messy and smelly fast. Make sure that you and your family have plenty of sanitation supplies on hand. In addition, make sure that you have first aid supplies so that you can treat any injuries that occur.

Lastly, always have a backup plan for everything. When you are out there surviving on your own and things don’t go according to plan, what are you going to do?

Always have a plan.

Most of the residents down in New Orleans never imagined that something as bad as Hurricane Katrina could happen.  A lot of them were very unprepared when it hit.  Don’t let that happen to you and your family.

  • Matt

    Great list guys, glad you didnt go silly with the guns etc like so many survivalist type lists. One of the best survival articles ive read lately you might like is by the War Nerd at exiledonline.com he makes a great case for the large church groups actually coming out best off if anything went crazy. I think alot of people dont think that police and services people etc are not going to run off screaming and there will most likely be some level of organization however bad which is better to work with than painting your face in camo and stalking through the neighbourhood with assault weapons. Just curious you created this blog but can you explain what you feel is the most likely list of disasters or emergencies?

  • http://myspace alayna

    These tips really helped because me and my little cousin memorized the tips and about a month later we got lost in a forest so we followed your tips and now we are safe and happy at home!Thanks again!

  • http://thesurvivalgirl.com The Survival Girl

    Great tips. Loved your list, I can easily adapt your tips to my hurricane preparations.

  • Leader

    Matt without the gun you wont have anything because someone else will take it. If and when you choose to be generous it will be your choice not some criminal or gang. this article is interesting and adds to others.

  • http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com Shane

    Great List!! I printed is out and will pass it along! Most of these items you can get at http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com. Thank you!

  • http://minecraftfreaks Twilight Boy

    i don’t agree with the comfortable shoes, the sanatary equipment, or the radio i totally agree with the swiss army knife though

  • reticwolf

    the shoes, sanatary equipment and radio are very valuable. not having them would be a big mistake. travel is worse with bad shoes, sanatary equipment will keep sickness and infection at bay, and the radio will allow you to hear whats going on and you will be able to make major decisions that will determind your safety. very good list but some type of fire arm would be a great asset.

  • Jimmy Carter

    Just think Matt…how easy it will be for me to take everything I need from you…gather it all up and let me know where you are at…Just joking …but it could work out that way…If you don’t prepare for everything …then you are not really prepared My wife and I have tons of food laid back…I will not let those who didn’t heed the warning signs to come take it away from me, without a fight…one hell of a fight ! With guns…knives…baseball bats…whatever it takes to insure my families survival !

  • CMiller

    you should also have a gun

  • Dodie

    All you really need to survive is… food, water, fire and something to protect yourself from those that didn’t think ahead. I hear ya Jimmy Carter. 😀

  • Dodie

    And don’t forget the light bulbs!! lol

  • Richard Stickney

    A gun, ammo, wiskey, dynamite, charcole, dogs and a 12 volt deep cycle battery. -Richard

  • Sheir

    A nice looking list, but far from realistic. There’s a lot more to survival than having a bunch of food socked away. Survival is a mindset as much (or more) than stocking up on STUFF. Been their done that, don’t want to go back, but I know I could if I had to.

  • Mary Kelly

    Excellant list. I would like to add a compass , currency in small bill amounts yet in quantity ( $1.00-5.00 bills and a lot of them. Also , save the change. I spent a couple of” all nighters” in Wally World a couple of times, fascinated in the fishing/hunting/camping area. I couldn’t sleep and it is close by. For approximately $2.96 you can buy an Emergency Blanket ( 52in x82.5in )- not bad for the price. The look like aluminum foil but soft. The package is about 3in across x 4.5in long and hanging on hook. I, also found a mulit purpose compass , whistle, therometer for under $3.00. Also, don’t forget the children. Bring lightweight books, word finds, puzzles, games for the whole family. I found a travel size Monopoly very inexpensive ( sorry I don’t remember where ). Most of my shopping is between Dollar Tree , Dollar General anf Walmart or on line. I , do, plan on checking out some of the online food sources. Also, check Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. Week before last Walgreens had 24 packs of water for $1.99. I bought 8 at diffent times. a couple of months ago I bought 4 and used 1. I bought dollar tree storage bags and have food stored under my bed , plus , my boots and important keepsakes of my son. Anywho, that’s my imput. Mary