Mass Graves Being Prepared In Houston, Phoenix And California

coffinsMass graves are being prepared in Houston, Phoenix, California and in other major metropolitan areas across the United States, and nobody seems to know what they are for. The most common cover story is that these mass graves are for burying U.S. military casualties, but is the U.S. military really expecting thousands upon thousands of additional deaths in the near future? Watch the following videos and decide for yourself. Are these mass graves completely innocent in nature, or is there something much more disturbing going on here?

The most recent video of mass graves is out of Houston, Texas. The scope of this project appears to be absolutely massive. What could be the purpose of such a large number of mass graves?…..

The National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona is a 225 acre cemetery facility located in Phoenix. In the past few months this usually quiet cemetery facility has been buzzing with activity. A massive expansion has been underway, with construction reportedly going on from the early morning all of the way until sunset most days……


There are also reports of mass graves being reported in Inglewood, California, although this video is not nearly as good as the two above…..

Near Atlanta, the U.S. government is storing a half million plastic coffins. Why in the world would the government need so many coffins? Is the U.S. government expecting a half million people to die relatively soon?

The reality is that the Atlanta airport is a major airline traffic hub, and Atlanta is also the home of the CDC.  Could these air tight plastic coffins be ideal for burying the victims of a flu pandemic?…..

There have also been rumors of mass graves being prepared near Chicago and elsewhere.  If you know of additional videos that relate to this phenomenon please let us know. 

The truth is that whenever anyone starts preparing mass graves it should make all of us nervous. 

Does someone expect a whole lot of people to start dying in the near future?

Or is someone just being really paranoid and taking “pandemic preparedness” to absurd levels?

Feel free to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below…..

  • David Dicken

    I think that perhaps this is preparation for the H1N1 pandemic in fear that the re-surgence of the flu virus may get outta hand, the vaccine that is being provided will not be effective is the virus mutates. Location makes sense because of the low humidity.

  • Ken

    Is it possible this is just a regular cemetery expansion? Burying the baby boomers will be big business for the next 40 years.

    Maybe this is how new cemeteries are built. They just put a field of them in, cover them with dirt and grass, and then start selling burial plots.

  • planettom

    This is very disturbing. But I can’t help but wonder if there were mass casualties, would it not be more efficient to simply burn the bodies. As ghastly as that sounds, if all hell breaks loose, I don’t see the rationality of burying each individual, though they deserve a proper burial. God help us all.

  • kso

    Hmmm? Is Mr. B.O. expecting something? Planettom said it best…God help us all! He will, just call His name. Read the book “2012, The Bible, and the end of the world” by Mark Hitchcock. Can be found in Christian book stores. We are hearing countless people keep bringing up Nostradomas, Mayan calendar, New Age crap, etc…but few are turning to God and His word, nor even mention it. Maybe if we turn to Him and His word, we can get some answers to who we are, and what He wants us to do next.

    His peace to you all and your families. Stay alert and Speak without fear.

  • CBJ

    It is spelled “Bilderburges” made up of the elite from the Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, The European Reserve Bank, and a few from the Bohemian Grove Group on the West coast. A bunch of fine fellows that just want to eliminate 80% of the world’s population, that’s all! Overall it’s called One World Government, yep the same one talked about in the Book of Revelations.

  • and

    Reminds me of Stalin and Hitlers wrong doings!

  • http://none n dailey

    Send these videos to Glenn Beck and to Bill o’Reilly. Also to Hannity. Maybe Rush Limbaugh.
    Someone needs to get this out beyond youtube and facebook.

    “God our Father, may Your perfect will be done. Our faith is in You. Keep us oh Lord. In the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen”

  • Colleen

    I believe they know something we don’t. Don’t you? It could possibly be a pandemic or some sort of natural disaster that we know nothing about and they do. There is definitely something sinister going on. Too many people are sleeping and do not want to awakened out their deep slumber. People come and people go, and no one cares. We, Americans, have become too complacent with activities of daily living. The red flags are waving over the horizon, and no one is looking to see what is the matter. Katrina is a prime example of how quickly folks forget. A little trouble here and a little trouble there. This is what causes folks to become desensitized to what is happening all around them. We need to wake up and smell the proverbial “roses.”

  • Travis

    Well pandemic its not and no that’s not what these are for. Due to build “quality” and the use of specific materials in side the concrete would not and do not point to the pandemic, These seem more likely to store the scores of bodies we may have on hand after a nuclear or biological weapon attack on the United States.

  • eric

    I believe the government is preparing for a future breakout of the pneumonic plague which is related to the bubonic plague and actually a very active virus. Most people remember the major outbreak that changed most of the world and this possible breakout of a catastrophic epedemic may be ineveitable. Do a little research and you will see how common these viruses are.

  • blobbo

    were all gonna die woohoo!! EMBRACE

  • minnie mouse

    i did a recent research and found out thats these graves are all over the us New York to Cali to Mexico .. it makes me wonder who will be doing the burial services looks more like a Holocaust preparations …and here they are saying and talking about world war 3 starting in the next few months London bridges falling down my fair lady UK on fire something big a brewing …kidnap the wiki leaks entourage am sure they can tell us all..

  • J A Thompson

    Does anyone know who is paying for all this? There has to be a paper trail. We know lots of people needing work. Are there any job openings digging and preparing these graves. I am not too worried as I know where I will be. Being a Christian has the greatest of rewards.

  • tappleton23

    I think they are getting ready for the 2012 scare and to make sure something happens they will then kill off large parts of the population, I am sure this is happening in Europe as well. I hope nobody took the flu shot this year.

  • Dutch

    Just a shovel-ready project by the phantom bailout.

  • Doug

    There are several reasons for this and expanding and having the vaults allready there would make it quicker and you will have an exact count on plots forsale and not leave someone burried away from there loved ones . Everything happens for a reason but this is the most sencable reason I think its happening . Just a new method on prep work and progress .

  • Sarah C

    I am native American. I know there is terrible, horrendous people, and things in the world. I wish that there is some miracle in the sky to save me and my family. I do. I wish/pray so to speak that my family be spared. However, I am only master of my destiny to a point. If the world were to end. It (in a word) would be a most terrifying and scary beyond all belief event. But what can I do. I am but one person. I am a soul with a body. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister. I fear death. I just pray that I can be forgiven. I that my little one never suffers. Or that I have to see them die. I’ve seen enough. God help us. Please.

  • SoTd

    Being that this was began several years ago, I didnt hold a whole lot of stock in it, but now they have passed the NDAA and now the FEMA Camps are being activated, I’m a bit concerned.

  • http://Facebook texas

    You will have the choice swine flu vaccine with micro Rifd’s implanted in you or go to concentration camps you can figure from there. I have done my home work. While your asking look up the Denver airport and the new world order then locate the underground bunkers oh don”‘t forget about one bank control of all monies. And if you don’t have it figured out by then just take the vaccine you’ll be one of them!!!

  • cowboy11_79

    the graves are for us once martial law is declared they can sweep us out. were considered over populated

  • guido in soho

    Someone,( everyone ) needs to start talking about this stuff. Lets get it so talked about that people start waking up. Whether the truth is revealed at some point ( hopefully not too late) we all see that things are just too wrong. I fear talking about it, but I fear more to ignore it. Wouldn’tit just suck that our ideals in this country for the last couple hundred years have been a facade created by the powers that be to KEEP us from that very truth. Seems like that kind of deceit is nothing less than anti-God. Get people curious. Start talking about it more. Pray like crazy that its all just ridiculous propaganda. But I think we all see something is askew. God speed to everyone.

  • christy

    I believe it does have to do with the new world order and martial law. The graves are for all of us who dont comply with these new laws in which we will all have chips inserted in us and wont be able to do or buy anything with out the government knowing about it. This ofcourse has pretty much all been foretold in the bible. The government is most definetly hiding things from us. We should all prepare for bad things to come in our near future. I swear i can feel it. Call on Jesus, he is coming back for the chosen before these horrible things happen.

  • Stella Willig

    It should be evident that, if after you read the 10 Commandments of the New World Order, that the vaults and plastic coffins are intended for use after people are killed off due to a “disease” of pandemic proportions, biological weapons, or possibly a nuclear war. Read those 10 Commandments of the New World Order and you will understand after they state that the world’s population should be kept under 5 million at all times. This will probably include those killed by percecution as well. If you are any type of intelligent person you should also know that this is very well prophesied in the Bible. It looks like it is anticipated to happen in the very near future, according to the progress of these vaults.

  • Evalin

    Are you looking forward to the return of Christ? – the Messiah and the King of kings. That day is near and it is at the door. MAY 27th, 2012 is the exact DATE. God 2 witnesses in Rev. 11 are here to lead The Church of God-PKG (Prepare for the Kingdom of God).
    To know more, go to . Who has eye to see and ear to hear!

  • Adam

    Evalin ^

    36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[a] but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.
    42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

  • DumbAce

    Don’t go getting your panties in a twist. take a good look at the video and the others like it on you tube. 1st thing I noticed on one of the videos was that these are sealed (there no way in them) then they are being covered with dirt. Notice the spacing between them, then notice the space is being filled with dirt. If this was something they planned to use, it would be a bitch to get to the ones on the bottom.
    The fact is no one knows what they are or why they are building them. and thats what scares the hell out of you. So now you let your mind wonder and human nature prepares for the worst instead of the obvious.

  • emanuel

    if jesus comes back all christians and jews are screwed. jesus was a rebel against the jews and was never a christian.we have already modified the 1918 flu wich we created.this is a fact reported in most of the major newspapers.they claim by making an airborne version they can save us(ha ha ha satan laughs)we have over 5000 jumbo jets including the evergreen supertanker that could spread it worldwide in 1 day.these jets are biological weapons of mass destruction.the sentinal drone that iran downed using russian tech was set up with a sophisticated aerial spray delivery system.i am a vet and love america but the writing is on the wall and all the denial in the world wont stop what is coming.our only hope is mother nature teaches us all a lesson first.


    If you are a Christian, why do you worry, over any of this?

    But Friend if you are not a Christian. You should have a plan B, right!!!

    Well, my friends; what are you so concerned about? Is this just a confirmation that the good old boys associated with DC, IMF, FEMA, and the OWG Club provided for our economic downfall, in the event that we lost our home and job in this “their” contrived economy. Oh, they have just prepared a place for you for FREE a place to rest eternal. Wasn’t that nice of them. Be thankful, you will not need to worry about that now; will ya.

    Just sit there like you always have, spinless jello, thinking that someone else will fix this or give you an answer becasue you deserve one, LOL; your wrong again!

    One thing I am sure of is, doing nothing will guarantee that there is a coffin with your name on it! Yep, just sit there like a sitting duck something you have always done, just becasue you think you are going to take your chances, and stick you head in te sand and it will just pass over you and you won’t be affectd, because your are just lucky like that.

    Oh, I Know your type, You have always sat safely in the background, or up in your Ivory Corprate Tower waiting to reap the benifits of everyone else’s hard work, sacrifices and effort.

    Yep, The only time anyone will ever hear or see you jump to the front of the line, is when all the smoke has cleared. Yep, you’ll step up to claim the “outcome” as if it’s your own, stealing the trophy from the rightful owners. Yep,I thought I had you Pegged right, you are a YELLOW BELLIED SPINLESS COWARD. Just shut up.. and get in your COFFIN.


  • dul bayan

    Well this looks really scary to me.

  • mndudester

    I bowl with a guy who digs graves at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery in MN; I’ll ask him some questions and have him check out this website.

  • http://Delphi Eileen

    I do not believe that these pictures are in the U S….
    Nothing in them proves or even shows that they are.. When ever a car or truck in in the scene, no license plate is visible…I believe they are from other countrys, to use as propaganda, to make people scared, and from most of the comments, It’s working..

  • Andreas J. Kampe

    Encouragement, Relaxation and Calmness to you,
    In my environment is a general visibility
    of the silent face of the Holy Spirit, or is it God himself, or only an angel. It is visible since 1976, all days, all years, and this revelation is visible for many folks, also on the nearly 250 or 300 photos in my websites. It is permanent, could be seen before crowds of folks, uninterrupted, steady. His higher life and face can also be shown – transmitted – on television, that is predicted or pre-shown. This face of grace is silent… many could and can see it, but they are not strong interested.

    There are 35 – 45 persons, that saw it too, but they are not sure, that this is no fake. I am an european, and my thinking is critical against the automatisms of saying the proverbs, of Jesus Christ, that they are devote saying in the US. But nevertheless this revelation gives a strong meaning to Jesus, and his life and way. This Holy Spirit-Countenance, face, gives energy to the churches, especially the not-catholic, but I quitted, to be more free.

    Now I got the information of all these fema coffins, camps and mass graves, and well, I ask me, and want to make research –

    In each case, God exists, thats right, and wants to help. But one must not ascertain all the things, the payed church-people are forced to repeat, always, otherwise, they are thrown out of job –
    peace and blissful times

  • Andrea

    and the government is purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo….more food for thought

  • Isis

    The lids are bolted down so that when whatever they have contaminated us with brings us back from the dead, we won’t be a problem

  • Eric Anderson

    Education Is the key to rational thought. What is depicted in these videos are in fact Tombs. And the “black coffins” are in fact coffin liners produced by this company They are in fact 8 feet wide by 4 across and 5 feet deep. They are designed to stack in groups of 3 and inserted into the vaults. The cement vaults do not double stack as this would compromise the integrity of the cement as they are not reinforced with re-bar thus allowing for a longer life of the material. Then they are placed under ground allowing space for buffer of the soil between each row. These vaults are sealed and then covered with a polly. film for protection then covered with 2 feet of soil. When the vaults are needed they are unearthed via a mechanical scoop shovel The same way sod is rolled up. Opened, Remains of the person inserted closed and sealed, Top soil unrolled back into position. The coffin liners prevent outside environment factors from reaching the deceased aka Bugs, Worms, you get the point. This prevents contamination from the deceased from reaching the ground table water and the outside environment. Now as far as the 500,000 amount. That’s per major population center. Every major city in the US has a stock pile of the casket liners some where close. for easy access. The ones in my city, Covington, Ga are right off the access road on highway 20. Its not a question of what these are going to be used for as WHEN will they be used. But I’ll tell you there is a lot more than 500k at this storage yard. I rough guess would be 50 acres slap full of these. Take if how ever you want. But expect something. “soon”

  • John

    Guess their is not reason to repeat what others are saying about these mass graves. I guess that this is out of our control, Maybe if the government would be more open, they would realize that with today’s Internet, everyone knows something is going on, and we just create more pandemonium by hiding what is going to happen. I am not going to lose any sleep over this, I do find it interesting that we all spell loom and gloom, maybe their is reason, maybe we are being snowboarded by all of the Internet ravings that seems to be endless. I am more concerned with our Veterans being rounded up, here and their and illegally detained. I have made several blogs that have misteriouly disappeared within hours, not flagged, not shunned by the blog community, they just disappear, for all I know you won’t see this.
    Semper Fi

  • Robin Munson

    All the people who took these pictures, did they get the facts? They do look creepy but I did speak to someone at the Arizona place and they explained to me about the concrete liners. Over 2.4 million people die in America each year and 1/2 of those are creamated. That leaves over 1,000,000 burials each year. That’s a lot of bodies. So they have to create graves like these. I don’t know if she was telling the truth but in order to not create panic people should get facts first. Please have the people who took the pictures ask the questions then post the truth and not make assumptions.

  • BigKitchen

    wrong design for coffin liners. Coffin liners are not designed to be stacked after being closed as these are. This also does not explain the mass grave sights.

  • Ray

    DHS is prepping for martial law and civil unrest. Why else are they buying 2700 armored vehicles for US patrol, billions of bullets and armored checkpoints? It just a matter of what will trigger the war.

  • Bro Tracy

    Sorry Chris, you are as ignorant as most regarding the rapture. Jesus, our Lord is not coming back before the horrible things happen asou say. This will unfortunately befall many Christians. The graves are therefore for the Christians who are waiting for the Rapture instead of preparing. Read Matthew 24 very very carefully. God bless.

  • sparksnavy

    I believe you are correct–I realize your communication is 3 years old–but, we are in the last days! Gonna get messy!

  • 1776WildBill

    Its now summer 2015, things are starting to become very clear especially with Jade Helm coming up, well see if its a psyop but that’s all the evidence you need of where they are planning the next war. Buckle up America its gonna be a genocidal one too.

  • Leah

    We live in a world that newclear wepons can kill a lot of people by a few mintuets. So crazy rullers can push the botten and make the world turn over.I think usa preper for that, there isnt any other possibility for this kind of mass graves fields. Hope that day never would come.