How To Prepare Your Family For A Catastrophic Disaster

Disaster preparedness is something that all families should talk about regularly. Whether the threat is fire, flood, invasion by an enemy force or any other kind of disaster, being prepared can save the lives of your family members. It also helps to reduce fear and panic when something does happen, enabling your family to respond with intelligence and efficiency.

Preparing Your Children

Disasters can be particularly traumatic for children, many of whom are already beginning to feel that much of the world is outside of their control. When disaster strikes, and it becomes clear that parents cannot always prevent things like fires, floods and earthquakes from affecting the family, they can become especially vulnerable.

That is why it’s particularly important to talk with your children about the possibility of a disaster. Explain to them that a disaster may cause damage or even hurt people. Talk to them about what might happen during an emergency, such as phone and electrical service being shut off. Also, make certain they are aware that emergency personnel are working to help them at all times during a disaster. Help them to understand that firefighters, paramedics and police are (Read more....)


Is A New H1N1 Mutation Causing The Dramatic Spike In H1N1 Swine Flu Deaths And School Closings Around The World?

H1N1-swine-flu-deaths2For weeks, troubling reports have been coming out of Ukraine of hundreds of patients dying from a frightening hemorrhagic flu.  Doctors on the ground in Ukraine have stated that the lungs of the victims of this flu quickly fill up with blood and that temperatures inside the lungs of these victims can reach temperatures of up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.  As they near death, the lungs of these patients literally disintegrate and turn as black as charcoal.  Last week, the WHO finally confirmed that a mutation of the H1N1 swine flu virus had been detected in Ukraine. This mutation of the H1N1 swine flu virus involved a receptor binding domain change.  This change has apparently enabled the H1N1 swine flu virus to much more effectively attack the human respiratory system.  At this point, over 400 people are officially dead from this illness in Ukraine.  However, now there are disturbing reports from other areas of the world that indicate that this mutation may have already spread all over the globe.  

For example, the World Health Organization has confirmed that the same H1N1 mutation found in Ukraine (Read more....)


Mass Graves Being Prepared In Houston, Phoenix And California

coffinsMass graves are being prepared in Houston, Phoenix, California and in other major metropolitan areas across the United States, and nobody seems to know what they are for. The most common cover story is that these mass graves are for burying U.S. military casualties, but is the U.S. military really expecting thousands upon thousands of additional deaths in the near future? Watch the following videos and decide for yourself. Are these mass graves completely innocent in nature, or is there something much more disturbing going on here?

The most recent video of mass graves is out of Houston, Texas. The scope of this project appears to be absolutely massive. What could be the purpose of such a large number of mass graves?…..

(Read more....)


The Swine Flu Epidemic

12Is the swine flu epidemic still a major threat?  The news cycle has rolled forward, and most mainstream media outlets are no longer paying much attention to the swine flu, but is the swine flu outbreak a larger threat than ever?  The truth is that the number of confirmed swine flu cases in the United States has soared to 2,254, with 104 of those people currently in the hospital.  Worldwide, there are now more than 4,000  confirmed cases of the swine flu in 29 countries, and at least 51 confirmed deaths.


Recently, the World Health Organization said that up to 2 billion people could become infected by the swine flu if the current outbreak turns into a pandemic.

WHO flu chief Keiji Fukuda startled the world media when he told them this: (Read more....)


Swine Flu Survival

12Headlines around the world are screaming about the spread of the swine flu each day. Many people around the world are becoming increasingly frightened and are looking for information for how they can fight this disease.

The truth is that there is no reason to panic. Below we have compiled a comprehensive 5 step swine flu survival guide…..

#1) Wash Your Hands

This sounds very obvious, but you would be surprised how many people do not do it. Washing your hands is the number one tip that experts typically offer when asked to give tips on how to prevent the spread of disease.

The truth is that disease is spread by the hands almost more than by any other method. It is a very good idea to wash your hands several times a day – especially whenever you have returned from being in a public place.

One key thing to remember is that disease can be passed from doorknobs and handles. After touching a doorknob or handle you will want to definitely wash your hands.

If you keep your hands clean that will go a long way in helping you to avoid disease.

#2) Avoid Public Places

If you do not have the swine flu already, how are you going (Read more....)