The Climate Change Debate: Is Global Warming A Real Threat Or Is It Just A Huge Hoax?

Is global warming a serious threat to humanity or is it just a massive hoax?  Should we be seriously concerned about climate change, or is climate change something that has always happened throughout history?  Is mankind causing changes to the climate, or has the climate data been falsified to promote certain agendas?  These are vitally important questions.  Politicians all over the globe are making fundamental decisions regarding the future of humanity based on their beliefs about global warming and climate change.  A number of our readers have expressed very strong opinions about global warming and climate change recently, and we wanted to share their comments with you.  Some of them are very much in favor of the theory that humanity is causing catastrophic global warming, and others are very much against this theory.  We thought that we would post comments from our readers on both sides of the debate.  The truth is out there, and hopefully if we are all willing to learn from each other we can find it.

Here are the comments from our readers…..

***From Those Backing The Theory Of Man-Made Global Warming***


Global Warming does not mean just hot hot hot everywhere. It is not a zero sum game. When something heats up somewhere, it is bound to have an effect someplace else. For example, if the Jet Stream goes out of whack because of rising warm air somewhere, some place is going to get buried under a ton of snow. That is the simple explanation. But I bet your simplistic right wingnut mind cannot possibly fathom such logic. Moron!


Don’t do that! Climate Change is about changing weather patterns not about making places balmy. It is about catatrophic weather events that will occur more frequently including snow in areas that do not necessarily get it to droughts and floods.

Get educated!


Global imbalance. Warming increases evaporation causing more H2O to drop from the sky and historically triggers ice ages. Simple physics.

Why so angry everybody? We are in this story together.


One snowstorm is supposed to balance the massive loss of Arctic Ice? Face facts.

***From Opposed To The Theory Of Man-Made Global Warming***


In 1974 scientists were convinced that we were on the verge of massive global cooling. Check out the Time magazine article. The very idea that what we do is powerful enough to cause a global meltdown is narcissism gone awry. Do you wish to ignore that the scientists who started all this global warming panic have been proven to have falsified their evidence? FYI, the ice packs have actually grown the last three years and those cute little polar bears would like to eat you. They can swim 60 miles and the one’s in Mr. Gore’s movie were photoshopped. Do your homework.


“Climate change scientists”‘ have been playing the “I’ll make up data, apply for big government grants and then publish my bogus data in semi-respected journals game” for years. You believers need to wake up! Everyone is sensationalizing about the natural melting of glaciers. Its proven that it would take several hundred years to melt the glaciers. Like everything, a certain amount of melting occurs as a natural life cycle of the glaciers. Not caused by anything we’re doing on this earth.


The “fact” is that more and more scientists are distancing themselves from the doomsday sky is falling argument of global “whatever you want to call it depending on the weather.” I heard Mars is warming too. I know SUV sales on Mars is are at an all time high! And Joanna, does getting educated mean we should just swallow the kool-aid that liberals dish out on a daily basis? So please, if you want to save the planet from global “warming,” yank Mr. Gore, Pelosi, and Reid out of their private jets, throw them in your $30,000 crackerjack box Prius and pray your brakes work.


EATME where is your scientific proof of global warming or climate change? you seem very angry, you probably can’t show proof of this global warming. You can call people names and believe that guy that invented the internet but show the proof. Gore is sure not a good role model of Green or a scientist on global warming, he does have a huge bank account from the Global warming film!!


The debate isn’t whether the globe has been heating in the last 70 or so years, it’s whether man is the cause (anthropomorphic global warming) or nature. The current heating trend is identical to historical ones (i.e. the temperature increases proceeded CO2 increases). Furthermore, if you look at a graph that’s bigger the Al Gore’s 150 year “Hockey Stick” graph say a 2000 year timeline you actually see that we are in a general cooling trend.

Lastly, the idea of man-made global warming as a threat was hatched by the political think tank the Club of Rome in 1993 (Which Al Gore and Maurice Strong are/were both members of). They released a paper, “The First Global Revolution,” in the early 90s, where in chapter 5 entitled “The Vacuum” they discussed using perceived climactic catastrophes as a way to unite the globe for the creation of global government taxing bodies and banks (think Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen Climate summit). Here’s a quote from that chapter…

“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

Notice the last line, because this is really what its all about for many of these ideologues. They believe that mankind and nature needs to be save from man, and the only answer is to create a global governance model to control man. The new totalitarian regime won’t use death camps and gas chambers to control man, but slick lies and taxes that create harsh economic conditions. If you doubt this think about climate-gate … where all those climactic scientists got caught fudging data and threatening colleagues.

Others, like Al Gore and these environmental banking trusts seem to be more concerned with the money to be made … i.e. carbon trading credits the next billion dollar financial derivatives scheme. Take about making money out of air!

So I guess my point is … GLOBAL WARMING IS A SHAM!


So what do you all think about this?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

  • Kasey

    Do you mind if I share this information to my students? I want them to know the importance of preserving environment. I will properly cite you.

  • Admin

    Yes, please feel free to share this information with your students.

  • Val

    The “debate” about the fact of human caused malevolent climate change has done nothing but delay sufficient CO2 reduction from 1992 until the existing CO2 warming as of 2009 was at the tipping point for self sustained methane releases from the Arctic tundras. Once that tipping point is passed, reductions in CO2 by humans will only slow the inevitable total tundra, then oceanic methane releases until in just a few hundred years the Earth is at Eocene Max type conditions and the speed of it is, geologically, an extinction level event, caused by too many people polluting too much with too much greed, selfishness and lack of foresight and general intelligence to continue as a species. Taking down the majority of other species with it, and that minority of humanity that is intelligent and moral enough to live sustainably, and damaging the biosphere for several hundred thousand to a couple million years.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    This is the 33rd naturally occurring warming cycle since the last ice age. It is not as warm as the previous naturally occurring warming cycle that melted most of the ice on Greenland in the 11th and 12 century. This naturally occurring warming cycle began about 1850 after 32nd naturally occurring cooling cycle ended. Humans did not cause this warming cycle or the last one. The next cooling cycle will follow this warming cycle and man will not have caused it either nor will they be able to prevent it. Warming cycles are very benevolent and is probably the reason we have 6.5 billion people living on earth today. The cooling cycles are very unfriendly to large animals and when the next one happens it will probably kill half the humans and animals on earth. Man doesn’t cause them and neither does CO2.

  • ninaa

    global warming is a sham

  • Wiremu

    You actually think there’s no proof of climate change…
    Well think again, there was a level of co2 that had stayed the same on earth since it was made.
    Guess what as soon as we start using cars and stuff like that, the level triples. By the way, did you know co2 affects the atmosphere!
    You say it’s a hoax… a hoax for what exactly!
    People like you may laugh at us now but not in 90 yrs when more than 2 billion will die when we pass the threshold into severe climate change but this wouldn’t happen if you would just listen for once!

  • Wiremu

    Climate change doesn’t just mean heat, it also means floods, tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes,cyclones, lightning storms and other stuff…
    Are you sure you want to create a world where the sea level is 50m leaving places like London as a soggy swamp killing more than a billion people.
    You may not be there to see it but you’re grand children and great grand children will.
    This will only happen if you not listen.
    The way things are going it is certain it will. There is no one to save us but ourselves the longer we leave it the more it’ll cost and the harder it’ll be. Once we pass a certain point called the threshold we can’t do anything about it. Once we past this point it’ll take millions of years to get back to how things are now.
    Please spread the word before the threshold comes!
    P.s GoneWithTheWind I’m disappointed with you, surely someone like you with that information knows what I know. Get your facts right and help!
    Please help before we pass that

  • Avatar

    Of course, Sart, Eatme can’t provide you with any evidence to back up her beliefs in Global Warming. The best she can do is tell you to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” and then say something like: “Al Gore said it. I believe it. That settles it.”

  • Wiremu

    Some people can’t prove it exists avatar but I can and have.

  • Wiremu

    Anyway Sart and avatar there no eat time on this website,only eat me after that comment I only have one word for you…. PPPOOONNNAAAGGGEEE!!

  • Wiremu

    By the way that final word I left means all of your plans have failed miserably… Which they have.

  • shaurya

    can i share this wid ma students

  • paul

    we are probably in the middle of an ice age as the others before lasted several million years but the last one (pleistocene ice age) only lasted about 2.5 million years we are just in a warm episode ice ages are not just ice untill the end there are warmer periods like a deep breath before a plunge

  • Joseph

    Global warming is not act by mankind. The sun is getting hotter as its heads into a new cycle phase. I believe that so, because it is true. We do have to worry about the glacier continue to melt faster and faster. If to much fresh water gets in the Atlantic, we will be heading right back to the Ice Age again. Its too soon to know if that going to happen or not. Medieval Warming Period, which I believe we are in by a 60 percent, the sun is making our world to grow warmer by 80 percent and mankind is also is putting to much pollution in the atmosphere by 50 percent per year.

  • gauri

    “global warming” seems to be a small word but it is a great threat to the environment as well as to the mankind . but i think man is himself a part of this destruction . we all want to live a luxurious life and to fulfill our need we day by day are inventing something but sometime we forget that it somewhere affects our environment.machines have taken place insteed of man. and the gases produced by the machine wheather in factory or by any means of transpotation

  • Softanswer

    The definition of global warming is the rising average temperatures of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and its projected continuation. ( I know the big controversy is whether or not it’s caused by humans or by the actual atmosphere, but the main point is that it’s real. You can see it by the ice caps melting for instance. Also scientists have observed increases in global average air and ocean temperatures. The Earth’s surface temperature rose and almost doubled per decade (0.74+ 0.18C over the period of 1906-2005)
    These are observations and I understand that some don’t agree, but this is my opinion

  • cakelover

    i am doing my homework and have been looking at the site i was just wondering on your views about is global warming a threat to mankind ???.

  • CrazyEd.

    This is just hoax go home fall off a cliff foolls. By Drones!