Trucking Through Floods – How Colorado Is Coping

FloodsGuest Post- Danielle M.

The Colorado flooding earlier this year washed away highways, interstates and even small towns. In its wake, it left behind another lesson on disaster clean up and preparedness.

The storm

Heavy rainfall hit on September 9, and didn’t let up until Sept. 13. The storm front was trapped against the Rockies, which meant four days of heavy rain. Rainfall totals equaled 14.62 inches — about two-thirds of the annual rainfall for the area.

The aftermath

Nine people died in the flooding, and many, many more lost their homes. Eighteen towns, including Denver, were hit by flash flooding. Smaller towns high in the mountains were hit particularly hard, and assistance was a long time coming thanks to roads being completely washed out. In many places, only bedrock is left where asphalt used to be — a state that could remain until 2015.

Left without options for getting down the mountain, Colorado flood survivors can (Read more....)


Quiz – How Prepped Are You?


So you want to know how prepared you are, eh?  If you are already living in your survival homestead, it’s a good bet you’re ready for what’s coming down the pike.  If you’re still making preparations, maybe this will help you determine how far along you are – and where you might need to beef up.

·1. Storage Food

·A1. (-30 points) What Storage Food?

·A2. (0 points) My Neighbor has some.

·A3. (20 points) I have two cases of Dinty Moore Beef Stew & whole bunch of Raman Noodles

·A4. (100 points) I have two years of storage foods and have a garden

· 2. My Family’s Attitude Toward Prepping

·A1. (-30 points) What Family?

·A2. (0 points) They already think I’m a tin foil hat wearing nut job

·A3. (20 points) I watch Preppers on TV, hoping my family (Read more....)


Canning at Home: Great Recipes to Utilize and Preserve

Growing up the daughter of a self-sufficient mother and father, I was taught never to depend on anyone or anything. My mother believed life was full of so much uncertainty and that there was no way to know whether or not we would have the luxuries of today when we woke up tomorrow. “Expectation and dependency are the keys in unlocking the doors to unhappiness,” my father always said in following up my mother’s statements. Looking back, I remember rolling my eyes every time they talked about self-sufficiency. I simply couldn’t and wouldn’t imagine a world where my parents’ assertions were real. ‘The government and our fellow mankind would take care of us,’ I remember thinking.

Picture Credit – Family Friendly Knoxville

When I witnessed Hurricane Katrina, I realized my parents were right. All these people were destitute, without shelter, without food, without a promise of tomorrow, and without aid. I remember thinking that I lived my life much like the displaced citizens of Katrina. I lived my life as if anything (Read more....)


How to Freeze Dry Food

Freeze-dried food has been used for years by those who need quick, moisture-free meals. It is also great for including in emergency food supplies, as it stores well and has a long shelf life. Although you may have never heard of freeze drying food at home, it is possible. If you would like to know how to easily freeze dry food, the following tips can help.

Getting Started

Although there are various methods for freeze drying food, the method discussed here uses dry ice. It is simple to accomplish at home and eliminates the need for a special freeze drying machine. Dry ice creates an environment that is freezing and relatively free of humidity and oxygen, which is essential for the freeze drying process. To get started, you must gather the food items you want to freeze dry. For beginners, it is advisable to start with simple items such as strawberries or potatoes, as they are easy to handle and pretty much fool-proof. You will also need a supply of dry ice, a large cooler or bucket, and food containers to hold your food.

Freeze Dry Your Food

First you will want to slice your food into thin pieces, which makes the freeze drying process much easier. After you have become more experienced at freeze drying, (Read more....)


Setting Up A Getaway Cabin On A Budget

If you have already begun putting food storage aside for the tough times that lay ahead, then it’s likely you have thought about a getaway cabin. This is especially true if you live in a city, or a heavily populated suburb or town.  Many of us have experienced financial set backs over the past few years, and the dream of a cabin with a well and enough property to grow a garden may appear to be an impossibility at first blush. The good news is that’s not always the case. A basic, no frills cabin is all you need. In fact, a no frills cabin is preferable over a showpiece that will draw the attention of looters.

If You Can’t Buy, Then Rent

If you can’t afford to purchase a getaway cabin, consider renting. This narrows your choices, but better to have a safe haven than wishful thinking.

Pool Resources

If you have friends or family members who are likewise interested in a getaway cabin, consider joining forces with them to begin searching for a rental or the outright purchase of a cabin. As long as there is enough floor space to sleep everyone, it will be a slice of Heaven if ever conditions arise where a getaway cabin is (Read more....)