What to do Before and After a Flood

What to do Before and After a Flood By Scott Patrick Humphrey

Climate change is a reality that is affecting many of the eco-systems all around the planet, and weather patterns have had considerable changes over the past decade due to the increases moisture in the atmosphere.  Thanks to global corporate pollution we have had a massive spike in temperatures as well as a drastic increase in the loss on the Antarctic ice sheet.  The effect has caused massive damages to communities all around the country, and we need to stay prepared for more in the future.

As summer approaches, one might be tempted into passivity by the unfurling of lawn chairs, the cracking open of beer bottles and the hum of air conditioning units, but the coming of summer also signals a real need for preparedness as for much of the country it signifies the start of hurricane season. Beginning around the 1st of June, hurricane season can wreak havoc on coastal cities and homeowners alike. However, the real danger of hurricanes lies not as much with the strong winds or rock-solid hail, but rather with the flooding that it causes.

Whereas broken windows and fallen trees can be repaired with effort, flooding can be much more complicated to tackle, often requiring the need (Read more....)