Setting Up A Getaway Cabin On A Budget

If you have already begun putting food storage aside for the tough times that lay ahead, then it’s likely you have thought about a getaway cabin. This is especially true if you live in a city, or a heavily populated suburb or town.  Many of us have experienced financial set backs over the past few years, and the dream of a cabin with a well and enough property to grow a garden may appear to be an impossibility at first blush. The good news is that’s not always the case. A basic, no frills cabin is all you need. In fact, a no frills cabin is preferable over a showpiece that will draw the attention of looters.

If You Can’t Buy, Then Rent

If you can’t afford to purchase a getaway cabin, consider renting. This narrows your choices, but better to have a safe haven than wishful thinking.

Pool Resources

If you have friends or family members who are likewise interested in a getaway cabin, consider joining forces with them to begin searching for a rental or the outright purchase of a cabin. As long as there is enough floor space to sleep everyone, it will be a slice of Heaven if ever conditions arise where a getaway cabin is (Read more....)