Emergency Care and Survival Guides

Every victim of a disaster has two things in common; self-preservation and the sudden realization of the situation. Most will experience panic, fear and despair to a greater or lesser degree. The victims may very often survive the actual disaster, but not the hours or days afterwards simply because they were not prepared for
an emergency situation.

The fewer the preparations for a disaster and the more inadequate the mental preparations of those affected, the greater the number of casualties. In moments of extremity and panic, we will see humanity replaced by the brute use of “self-preservation.”

Research also shows us that a lack of training or preparedness to meet survival encounters is often a cause for violent greed and selfishness. When people, through apathy or lack of discipline, lose their sense of being connected to others, they will act on the principle of “every man for themself.” Again and again, survivors have declared that they owed their lives to mental preparedness. They had remembered some exercise or procedure that had prepared them for their encounter. Remember…… DISASTERS ARE NOT PLANNED, THEY SIMPLY HAPPEN.”

If you would like to be more mentally prepared, buy The Wallace Guidebook for Emergency Care and Survival from Survivor Industries. This guide has been well prepared and is desigend to help you and your associates in developing the necessary guidelines and procedures to cope with this period of time.

Important Reminders for Emergency Plan and Supplies’ storage at home:

1. PLAN: What will you do? Where will you go? Write it down, and alert your relatives and friends about your plan.

2. STORAGE AREA: Limit impacts (flooding; force from drops/falls; temperatures; etc.) that may threaten supplies. Enhance accessibility.

3. PACKAGING/PACKINGS: Ensure strong materials make up all containers and that packed objects are reasonably sized for quick handling.

4. WEATHERPROOF STORING: Use the area of your domicile, office, etc. that will be least impacted by the effects of possible weather – basements, garages, sturdy sheds in more protected areas, etc.

THE SUPER ARK Personal Care Kit

Small but mighty, this compact unit has become a very popular item for people wanting complete survival supplies for themselves in a smaller, accessible form (desk drawer, shelf, etc.).

This unit is a super SIZE of the Ark III Kit, also produced by Survivor Industries, Inc. The SUPER ARK can support one person for three days, with over 30 items including: food and water with a five-year shelf life, a first aid kit, hand warmer, light stick, safety matches, candle, and blanket. For more information and assistance, please go to www.survivorind.com